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How to get your bail money back in Las Vegas?

Will I Get My Bail Money Back?

You will get your bail money back when you satisfy all court conditions. When you or a loved one are arrested, one of your first thoughts will likely be how you can go home. 

Few people are willing to stay in jail longer than absolutely possible. Bail is an attractive option because it allows you to pay your way out of jail until your scheduled court date. 

But bail isn’t cheap, and not many individuals have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spare. Whether you’ve worked with an experienced bail bondsman or were able to pay the fee outright, how do you receive a bail refund in Las Vegas?

 We’ll go over that here.

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What Is Bail? 

Bail is an amount of money the court dictates you must pay before being released from jail. This money serves as a surety that you will make all of your legal hearings on time and cooperate with the conditions the court sets. If you fail to meet these requirements, your forfeit your bail money and it belongs to the court. If you meet all conditions, however, you should receive a refund of the money you paid – but note that it’s not something issued after your first court appearance.

How Do Bail Refunds Work?

Bail refunds are issued after you’ve gone through the legal system and have attended all of your scheduled hearings. This typically means that you won’t receive a refund until you have been charged or acquitted, in other words, so you can expect your money to be tied up in the system for quite a while. Note that your bail refund is also impacted by the manner in which it was originally paid. If you paid in cash, for example, then a record of your cash bond will exist and automatically be refunded once your case has concluded. 

If you’ve worked with a bail bondsman in Las Vegas, the process is a bit different. Instead of receiving your full bail amount, you’ll receive the amount of money you put down minus any fees. The rest of the money will be refunded to your bondsman. This is also typically the time when any collateral you leveraged against the bail bond amount will be returned to you. 

Expect to wait anywhere from two to six weeks to receive your bail refund in Las Vegas. If you have yet to receive a refund check after six weeks, call the court and inquire about its status. Make sure you have the defendant’s name, case number, address, and the date the case in question concluded when you call. 

Working with a Las Vegas Bail Bondsman

Most people don’t have the money required to pay their bail bond in full. That’s where an experienced and established Las Vegas bail bondsman comes in! A bondsman will help cover the cost of your bail in exchange for a 15% down payment. There might be other terms to discuss, but in general this is a great way to begin the jail release process without emptying your savings account.

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