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Whether you have needed to make bail before or you are new to the process, it soon gets overwhelming. Even though 24/7 Las Vegas Bail Bonds remains the best choice in bond agents, we encounter confused clients every day.

Your bail amount gets calculated on several different items, including the severity of the crime currently accused of committing to whether or not this is a repeat offense. As a result, you can never really tell ahead of time if you can cover it until after the initial hearing has ended.

All too often, your choices are remaining in jail, or spending a fortune to get out. Bail bonds can become a simpler solution, but you must understand what you agree to first.

Below are some questions that we answer more than others. And if you don’t see yours listed, just reach out, and we’ll gladly address all your concerns.

How do I hire a bail bonds service? This is a very common question, and most people would ask this if someone close to them has just been arrested and they want to post bail.

But the better question should be “How do I hire the right bail bonds service?” If you want to hire bail bonds service professionals like us, then here’s how you do it:

Can Us Any Time

It’s safe to say that in a city like Las Vegas, arrests often happen after “regular” business hours. After all, plenty of places here are open from sundown to sunup. Our service is 24/7 because we know that arrests can happen in the wee hours of the morning during weekends.

So if you only find a recorded message when you call a bail bond service, they’re really not the service you want to get. What use are they if they aren’t available when you need them?

Meet Us At Our Office

Real bail bonds services have real offices and storefronts. You can find our address on our website, or you can call us for directions.

Be very careful about people who wish to meet at a coffee shop or some other neutral location. This can mean that they don’t have an office—and that can mean they aren’t a real company.

Discuss The Fees

Professionals like us discuss the matter of fees with the utmost transparency. We want you to know exactly how much you have to pay, and there won’t be any surprise fees along the way.

You will need a specific type of bail bond for various types of charges. Charges such as disturbing the peace, assault, or a weapons charge will each require a different bail bond, and some bail bonds are more expensive than others.

The fees are generally standardized at 15% of the bail bonds fee. This is a state-mandated amount, so it cannot be negotiated or returned.

You can pay through cash, credit and debit cards, money orders, and cashier’s check. You can also pay with personal property, though the process may take about an hour. The value of the property will have to be assessed, and you need to own the property free and clear. The value of the property must also be equal to 150% of the cost of the bond.

Some of our customers may also be able to benefit from our credit plan if they have a stable income and they meet our credit criteria.

Once the payment has been processed, we will then have an agent in place to get your friend or family member released from jail.

When you hire a local Las Vegas, NV bonds service, you shouldn’t need to pay them anything up front. Like traditional loans or financial programs, your final cost is a percentage of the total amount.

In the case of a judge assigning you a bail amount, it’s most dependent on the charge involved. An armed robbery arrest will carry with it a higher bail than a less severe infraction.

Once your trial ends, so does the bail bond. At that point, we collect payment for issuing our services.

By agreeing to our bail bonds, you are stating that in exchange for us covering your bail now, you will arrive at your trial and pay us the principal later. If anyone requires payment upfront, they are not the right choice for you.

Although securing state licensing and bonding may not be a strict requirement of doing business, we prefer to offer our clients the added insurance. Having the additional protection means that no matter what happens, someone will remain responsible for your bail amount.

Working with those in posting bail means operating within a subsection of the law. Although we are not a financial lender, we handle liquid assets that citizens are borrowing.

Bail bonds also include the use of bail bondsperson, or bounty hunters, which must operate under strict legal requirements as they are not law enforcement officers. Because we work along and with state and federal laws, as well as legal professionals, you can never be overly safe in this industry.

You may find an unlicensed or unbonded lending agent or loan originator, but cheaper doesn’t always mean best. When you need to know that your bond will process without incident, it helps to hire someone you trust.

How To Find Out If A Bail Bond Agent Is Licensed And Bonded

You can check the name of the company as among the licensed bail bonds in Las Vegas by calling the Las Vegas Business License Division at (702) 229-6281. When you talk to them, ask for evidence that they’re licensed and bonded. A true professional service will be only too happy to show this evidence, while suspicious ones will feel offended.

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For whatever reason you, your friend, or family member have been arrested for, we know how stressful you are feeling and what you’re going through. Relax. Stop stressing and place the stress on us. Things happens. Once they do, there’s nothing you can do to change the situation. Now it’s time to look for solutions and get through this event as quickly as possible. And it starts here.

To make this process as quick and easy as possible, it’s important that you choose a reputable bail bonds agent and service that can expedite your bail bond smoothly. Face it, you don’t need any more added stress on top of all that’s happening. Now it’s time to be diligent and make the right choice. Choose a trusted bail bonds service company.

We, at 24/7 Las Vegas Bail Bonds is LV, Nevada’s #1 bail bonds service company. We’re trusted, experienced, reputable, and on your side to get you through this event. Call us today at 702-899-2775 to get free of the stress. Or, simply fill out the instant quote form on this page and some one from our team will contact you immediately.

24/7 Availability, Anytime, Anywhere

There’s no perfect time or place, ever, to get arrested. And it more than likely happens in the most inconvenient time. Whether it be late night, mid day, or early morning, if there is an arrest, we are here to bail you out.

Because arrests happen at the most random moments, most of our clients do not have the finances available upfront to bail themselves out. That’s where we come in. Plus, even if you do have the upfront cash to pay the bail, it may not be the best thing for you to use your own cash. 

If it’s money from your emergency fund, it might not be the best idea to dip into that just in case other emergencies arise. It may be smarter to use “other people’s money” (ours) for now until you’re stable and then you can pay it off when you’re out of the situation.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority

You might not think it, but customer service is an absolute must in this business. You may feel that we are all scary people looking to tackle bad guys, but our staff stays more closely related to personal finance companies.

Our team remains in your corner, and we want to help you get home to your loved ones now. The typical person winds up spending weeks or even months behind bars before getting their day in court.

Whether you are innocent or guilty is not our call to make, and we are only here to provide financial services to you and your family. We remain dedicated to serving the citizens of Las Vegas when they find themselves in hot water.

When it seems as if you remain surrounded by those who don’t care about your current condition, our staff stays at the ready to provide some sense of relief. If you struggle with posting bail, then call the bonds company that cares.

Payment Options For Bail

Depending on your hearing, there might be a surprising number of payment options, as well as restricted funding types. Some bonds require physical assets, such as real estate property or vehicles, while others remain cash only endeavors.

Choosing us means hiring a team that works with you to ensure your options remain feasible. We provide straightforward repayment plans, in-house financing, and affordable rates every day.

Whether you have a haphazard collection of cash and credit cards or you need planning how you’ll cover the costs, we make it simple to discover the ideal payment options. No matter the amount or how soon you need it, we strive for faster bonds and simple payment structures.

Other service companies make it challenging to pay back what you owe, or they remain inflexible about which credit cards that they accept. When you need a straightforward solution for your borrowing needs, you won’t find a better option than our staff.

We Have The Bond Answers You Need

The entire bail process remains complicated, with many different twists, turns, and parties involved. Whether the judge has just set your bail amount, or your trial is still several months away, we remain ready to assist you.

Our company has the experience you can trust for better bail bond services. We help more area residents, tourists, and international travelers than anyone else around.

You can always discover faster responses and simple applications whenever you call us. Wherever you remain held or where your loved ones need us to meet them, you only need to reach out, and we’ll be there.

Even if you have posted bail in the past, it often leaves you feeling overwhelmed with what the next step is in your case. Our agents stay ready to address any additional questions you have at any time of day.

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Bail bonds are not an area where you want not to address concerns you might still have. And many bail bond companies lack the customer service needed to help guide you through the process.

Instead, we ensure that you remain in good hands with simple applications and knowledgeable bail bond agents. When you need help posting bail, call 24/7 Las Vegas Bail Bonds for better assistance. Call us anytime for service, or you may fill out our instant quote form and some one from our team will contact you shortly.