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Are you a resident of Whitney, Nevada? It’s a sizable town, and it’s certainly possible that you or a loved one may be arrested by the police for some alleged crime. If you have been contacted in the middle of the night by someone dear to you who has been arrested, you should immediately contact Whitney Bail Bonds at 702-899-2775 so that your loved one can be released from jail ASAP.

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Why Choose Us?

There’s no need for your loved one to remain in jail until their trial concludes. We can provide all the necessary assistance you need in every step of the bail bond process. We can spring the suspect from jail quickly, and help keep them out of jail as their case progresses through the courts.

What You Should Do

If you were called by a family member who has been arrested, gather the necessary information we will need so you can supply them quickly. You need to make sure you have the answers to the following questions:

  • What’s the defendant’s name?
  • What’s the full address of the defendant?
  • What’s the defendant’s current contact information?
  • Who is the defendant’s employer?
  • Where was the defendant arrested?
  • Where is the defendant being held?
  • What are the pending charges against the defendant?

If you can provide all these facts right off the bat, then we can quickly get started writing the bail bond contract so that your loved one won’t have to spend too much time in jail. However, if you’re unable to supply any of the necessary facts, our agent may find the information on their own though this may cause a considerable delay.

The Various Steps of Bail Bonds Process

Having a loved one arrested can be very stressful and confusing. But all our agents are very experienced and they can explain each step of the bail bonds process clearly, so that you will know what’s going on and what you and the defendant will have to do. Once you’ve obtained all the information we need, you can call us and we can start helping.

We can use the information you provide to full out the necessary paperwork. This shouldn’t take us more than half an hour after we get all the info we need.

We can then discuss the fee, which in Nevada is fixed by the state at 15% of the bail amount. This is non-negotiable. It is also non-refundable, so you cannot get it back once the legal case is concluded. We also need to make sure that you will be able to pay for the entire amount of the bail should the defendant flees the jurisdiction or fails to comply with the bail bond stipulations.

Once all the details have been covered and the fees have been paid, our bail agent can then come with the cosigner to the jail to post bail. The defendant will then be released from jail after signing the bail bond contract and agreeing to comply with all the stipulations of the contract. The cosigner will also be informed about their rights and responsibilities.

The Rights and Responsibilities of Defendants and Cosigners

In general, defendants have the constitutional right to post bail and to be released from jail during the course of their court case. This freedom allows them to hire their own attorney and help with their legal defense. It also enables the defendant to reunite with their families and to work to help support their family.

However, this right may be taken away if the defendant fails to comply with their obligations as stipulated by the bail bond contract. These stipulations often include that the defendant must appear to all scheduled court hearings and meetings. They must also keep in constant contact with the bail bonds agent. They must remain within the jurisdiction of the court, notify the court and the bail agent about changes to their address, and keep themselves from being arrested on new charges.

As the cosigner, you are obliged to pay for the full amount of the bail should the defendant fail to comply with any of the regulations. Since in many cases your property may be used as collateral, your home may be sold off to pay for the whole bail amount. It is therefore in your interest to make sure that your loved one does not flee and appears to all court hearings.

Why Pick Our Bail Bonds Service?

The Las Vegas Bail Bonds company has earned an enviable reputation in the industry, as we act with the utmost professionalism. It starts with our constant availability, as an agent will answer your call at any day or time. All our agents are experienced and knowledgeable, and they will know what to do and what to advise to make sure the entire process goes smoothly and quickly.

Our fees are fixed as mandated by Nevada law, and we do not foist additional fees for other services that we may provide. All such extra services, such as making house calls and providing advice regarding the bail process are all part of what we do for our clients without additional cost.

We promise the utmost discretion as well. We are well aware of how an arrest can sully the reputation of a family in Whitney, and our clients can rely on us to keep all the information we have confidential. We don’t discuss your case with the press or with your neighbors, and we only share information with the court should the need arise.

It’s imperative that you contact our Las Vegas Bail Bonds office at 702-899-2775 as soon as you hear about the arrest of a family member. They shouldn’t be allowed to remain in jail with hardened criminals, if they can be reunited and safe with their family. This is a stressful time for everyone, and it’s best if a family is together as the legal case progresses.