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Types Of Las Vegas Bail Bonds

Types Of Bail Bonds In Las Vegas

Arrest can be a confusing experience for everyone involved. Many people have a perception about what they should expect that has been gleaned from books and movies, but that’s not always the most accurate representation to follow. 

Instead of relying on preconceived notions, it’s a good idea to take the time to truly understand what happens when you go to jail and the options you have when it comes to being released. 

Basic knowledge about the types of bail bonds in Las Vegas is a good start.

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How can I get out of jail in Las Vegas?

In order to be released from jail pending your court date, you must be able to meet the bail amount set by a judge. Bail is issued in an attempt to ensure that individuals who have been arrested will appear in court on their scheduled court date if they are released from jail rather than simply hiding from the law. Almost everyone who is arrested will receive a bail bond at their bail hearing in a Nevada court and is responsible for either paying the amount set, if possible, or reaching out to an experienced bondsman if not. 

With that said, we want to take a look at different types of bail bonds you might encounter and what each of them means for your release. 

Signature Bonds

Signature bonds are generally offered to individuals who have a warrant but are not flight risks. They must have the means to repay the bondman in return for avoiding incarceration, usually through flexible payment options tailored to fit the defendant’s specific circumstance. Individuals offered this kind of bond tend to have a job and an established work history along with a cosigner willing to take on the responsibility of the bond should the defendant fail to appear in court. 

Cash Bonds

Another type of bail bond in Las Vegas is the cash bond. If the defended is afforded the option of being released from jail via bail, they can pay the bond in full and be released. It’s also possible to use a cashier’s check, or money order, in lieu of cash if preferred. The latter option is often taken when the set bail is significant and the defendant doesn’t like the idea of having their cash tied up throughout the legal process, including any trials that might be held. 

Own Recognizance

Also known as an “OR release”, being released on your own recognizance means that you are free to leave jail without paying any kind of financial bail at all. This is often offered to individuals with no criminal history and good standing in their community and career. Note that this is reserved for people who are established in their communities and are generally well-respected who have also not been accused of a violent crime. Should someone with an OR release miss their scheduled court hearings, they might be required to pay extra fines. 

Surety Bonds

When most people think about how to get out of jail, they picture a surety bond. This type of bail bond is more commonly referenced as a “bail bond” and represents a contract between a cosigner and a licensed bail bonds agent. For a 15% fee, an amount dictated by state law, bail bondsmen agree to pay the full bail to allow the defendant to be released from jail. The cosigner is responsible for repaying that debt should the defendant fail to show up in court at their scheduled hearings. If this happens, the bail bond will be forfeited to the courts and a bench warrant will be issued for the defendant. It might be possible to have bail reinstated if the defendant misses their scheduled appearances, but that will depend heavily upon the situation in question and the judge’s own discretion. 

To obtain a surety bond, you will need to reach out to a bail bond company in Las Vegas. This is often done via your family or friends. The bondsman will take care of the necessary paperwork and can often finish the process and have you released in less than an hour for a guarantee that you will appear at all scheduled court appearances. 

Active Arrest Warrant Bonds

An active arrest warrant is a warrant issued when a judge needs to see someone in court. The individuals in question often have no idea a warrant has been issued and are caught completely off-guard when they are arrested. A bail bondsman can help ensure you are released from jail with an active arrest warrant bail bond in a timely manner.

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