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If you have a loved one who has been arrested in Spring Valley, give us a call so that you can be freed on bail. We make sure you will get to talk to a licensed bail agent instead of a recorded message. Our bail agent will be there to start the application, or in some cases the process can even be completed over the phone. We will also do everything we can to ensure your privacy.

How to Find a Reputable Bail Bonds Agent

There are several ways that can enable you to find a trustworthy bail bonds agent. One way to do this is to find anyone you know who already has had some experience dealing with bail bond agents. They can recommend the bail bonds service they used if they were satisfied with the service.

Free Consultation

Your lawyer can also recommend a bail bond service. Lawyers tend to know various people in the legal industry, and they certainly can tell the ones who are trustworthy and reliable and those who aren’t. They will probably know several good ones and you can choose from them.

To pick one, check out their websites first. See if they’re also part any reputable organization like the Professional Bail Agents of the United States. Another group they may join is the National Association for Bail Enforcement Agents. When they’re members of such groups, it means that they have professional standards to maintain.

Setting the Bail

There are 2 main ways in which bail is set. One is with a bail schedule, which is meant to set the bail for various common offenses. Judicial officials set up a bail schedule with predetermined amounts of bail for various offenses, such as assault, drunk and disorderly, drug possession, and other minor crimes and misdemeanors.

With a bail schedule, there is no need to present the defendant in front of a judge so that the lawyers for the prosecution and defense can argue about the amount of the bail. It saves a lot of time. The bail amount can be paid in full, and then the defendant is let go on bail provided they agree to certain conditions such as appearing for all scheduled court hearings. 

The other main way is to have an arraignment in front of a judge, In general, only the most serious cases have their bail amounts decided this way. The judge will then factor in various considerations, including the likelihood of the defendant leaving the jurisdiction and the chances of the defendant hurting others or themselves while out on bail.

The judge has a lot of leeway regarding the bail amount they set. They may set it too high so that the defendant can’t afford to pay it. They may even deny bail altogether, especially if they want to make sure that the defendant gets the medical attention they need.

What is a Bail Bonds Contract?

The contract is the binding agreement signed by the defendant (your loved one), the cosigner (that’s you), and the bail bonds service (represented by the bail bonds agent).

When the defendant signs this, they agree to certain stipulations mentioned in the contract. This means they agree to appear in court for every scheduled hearing and meeting. They also will have to keep in constant contact with the bail bonds agent. They promise not to get into new legal messes. They also agree to obey every court order issues by the judge, such as staying away from and refraining to communicate with alleged assault victims.

The cosigner signs signifying their agreement to pay for the entire amount of the bail should the defendant fail to live up to their end of the agreement. The cosigner must also notify the bail agent if they believe that the defendant will free the jurisdiction of the court.

The bail bonds service accepts the mandatory 15% fee for their service of setting the bail process in motion and paying the full amount of the bail. The bail bonds service can also notify the defendant and the cosigner about new developments in the case, such as a new court meeting. The bail bonds service can also accelerate the bail bonds service so that the defendant doesn’t have to spend too much time in jail.

Why Contact our Spring Valley Bail Bonds Service?

There’s absolutely no good reason for your loved one to stay in jail when they can stay with their supportive family while they’re on trial. Moreover, employees who have been arrested won’t have to lose work hours so that they can continue to support their family.

Our 24/7 Las Vega Bail Bonds service is extremely reliable, as we never use answering machines. An actual agent will answer the phone, even if you call at 2AM during the holidays. We can come to your home discreetly if you don’t want to be seen entering a bail bonds service office or we can meet the agent in the jail where your loved one is held.

Knowing that a loved one is in jail can be a traumatic experience for anyone and it can be horrible when the entire neighborhood hears about it. Our discretion can be relied upon so that no one will ever know about the case from us.

We can also work very quickly and smoothly and answer any questions you may have about the whole bail process. If you have a loved one who is about to be arrested, you may even contact us in advance so we can start the ball rolling. By the time the entire booking process is completed by the police, the bail bond process may be completed and your loved one won’t even have to spend a minute in jail.

It’s crucial for a family to stay together during a crisis like this, and we do our part to help make sure this also happens to your family. Do your part and contact our Spring Valley Bail Bonds office today.