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If you, a loved one or a close friend has been arrested in Las Vegas, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will stay in jail while your case is being reviewed. You can simply post bail so that you can get out of jail. The question is, how can you pick from among the many Las Vegas Bail Bonds services available in the city.

To make sure that you get the best bail bond service in Las Vegas possible, you should consider the following factors:

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1. Is the Bail Bonds Service Available Now?

There’s really no point to choosing a bail bonds service if they’re unable to help you when you need it. So if you call a particular service and you get a recorded message, you’re better off picking a new service instead.

A good bail bonds service will always be open and available, and an agent will be there to take your call at any time. A real bail bonds service is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There are no holidays for this kind of service.

2. The Bail Bonds Company is Licensed and Bonded

The bail bonds service should be willing to show proof that they are indeed licensed and bonded. You should be able to check and verify this online, and your lawyer can attest to it as well. The bail agents can also act as notaries to validate and verify the bail bond contract.

3. The Bail Bonds Service Is Recommended by Your Lawyer

A licensed bail bonds service will have a long enough history in the industry that they’re known by many of the local attorneys who remember how well they served the interests of their clients. Attorneys can refer you to a bail bonds service they know and trust because they’ve worked with them before and they know how quickly they can act to get someone out of jail.

4. You Can Call for a Free Consultation

When you call the bail bonds service, they should be willing to discuss your needs and your case without first demanding payment for any answers they may provide for your questions. This particular consultation should be free.

During the call, the particulars of the case will be covered so that the bail agent will know what to do and what to suggest that you do to get your friend out of jail. The service will explain the rights and responsibilities of the defendant and the cosigner, and the fees and payment options will be discussed as well.

5. The Bail Agents Can Protect the Rights of the Defendants

While bail agents aren’t lawyers, they know enough about the law so that they can provide information until you get your own lawyer or until the public defender arrives. They can inform the family of the defendants what to expect.

Once a lawyer has been hired, the lawyer can also communicate with the bail bonds agent during the bail process and while the defendant is out on bail. This will demonstrate that the defendant is willing to abide to all the conditions of the bail bond and that they won’t flee the jurisdiction of the court. The lawyer can also notify the bail agent if there’s a good reason why the defendant won’t be able to attend a court hearing, such as if they’re sick or injured. This may keep the bail agent from revoking the bail bond and the court from issuing an arrest warrant for the defendant.

6. The Defendant May Even Avoid Spending Time in Jail

The best bail bonds service doesn’t just reduce the time the defendant spends in jail. If it’s at all possible, the defendant may even avoid going to jail in the first place with the help of the bail bonds service.

This is possible if the defendant know that a warrant will soon be issued for their arrest. At the moment that you know that you or a family member will be arrested, you should call the bail bonds service. The service should then be able to send a bail agent to accompany the defendant to jail.

During the arrest process, the defendant will be taken into custody, booked and then processed. While these are going on, the bail agent can work to post the bail. Once the defendant’s booking process is complete, they can be released right away after they agree to all the conditions listed in the bail bond. There won’t be any need for them to go to jail for any amount of time.

7. There Are No Hidden Fees

All the fees demanded by the bail bonds service should be stated and clarified in the bail bonds application so that you know for certain the exact amount you will pay for the service. There should be no suddenly tacked on fees for extra services, including so-called processing fees, delivery fees, and fees for house calls. Everything about the fee should be discussed up front during the free consultation. In Nevada, the fees are mandated at 15% of the bail amount, and the fees should never exceed this amount.

8. House Calls Are Free

There should be no charges for house calls, as many defendants’ families may have trouble coming to the office of the bail bonds service. They may not have a car, or perhaps there won’t be anyone to take care of the children. Sometimes the client may just feel more comfortable doing business in their own home. Regardless of the reason, the bail agent should offer house call service to make things easier for the client.

9. The Bail Agent Should Be Efficient, Knowledgeable, and Courteous

The bail agent, in other words, must be an absolute professional when interacting with clients. An arrest is inherently a stressful time, and people are upset and afraid. A professional bail agent can act with the utmost politeness to help calm matters down, while they also act quickly to get the defendant out of jail so that they may be reunited with their family.

10. Utmost Discretion

True professionalism in the bail bonds industry also must also include discretion. Reputations can easily be tarnished with an arrest, and bail bonds service shouldn’t add towards the problem by divulging information about the arrest to others such as the press or to your neighbors. That’s why if a client doesn’t want to be seen entering a bail bonds service office, the agent will agree to meet at the location chosen by the client.

Just as you can trust a lawyer to keep your information completely confidential, an excellent bail bonds service can be trusted in the same way.

11. Long Experience

New bail agents may fumble their way around the bail bonds process, and that can be detrimental for the defendant and their family. Problems may arise that the new bail agent may not be familiar with.

It’s better if the bail bonds service company has been around for more than a decade, while the bail agents they have are all with several years of experience. Experienced bail agents are not only better at solving problems, but they can anticipate potential problems and avoid them in the first place.

12. Credit Cards and Debit Cards are Welcome

Did you know that some bail bonds service try to discourage their clients from using their credit or debit cards to secure the required bail bond. Admittedly, the debit card should only be used if the associated bank account has enough funds. In addition, credit card charges and fees may add an additional financial burden for the client. Still, the client should be able to use their credit or debit card if they feel that this is their best option.

13. Other Payment Options Are Allowed

Aside from cash, and credit cards, the bail bonds service should allow for other modes of payment to make it easier for their client. Cashier’s checks and Western Union should be acceptable as well.

The bail bonds service should also be open to taking property as collateral to secure the bail bond. These properties can include homes, vehicles, or even jewelry can be considered as long as the client has full ownership of the items without any outstanding obligations and liens (such as mortgages on a home). The bail bonds service can provide a fair assessment of the value of the properties so that they can be taken as collateral fairly.

14. Payment Plans Can Be Flexible for Qualified Clients

Some clients are eminently trustworthy, such as those with a solid employment record and who have no criminal record. For such clients who also may have trouble coming up with the money to secure the bail bond, the good Las Vegas Bail Bonds Services should be able to help with a more convenient payment schedule. It’s great if there is no money-down requirement, and also if there are no interest charges for at least the first few months of the payment schedule.

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