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Nellis Air Force Base Bail Bonds

Regardless of location, the police can arrest anyone at any time. This is why the Nellis Air Force Base Bail Bonds office exists, as we know for certain that even near a military base the police can arrest an individual that has been suspected of committing a crime.

We help serve the families and friends of those who have been arrested, so that they may be freed on bail. We have helped military personnel as well as the civilians who live near the base. We know that the police do not differentiate between the military and the civilians when they make arrests, and we don’t differentiate either when we help defendants post bail.

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Different Bonds for Specific Crimes

We don’t offer a generic bail bond. A bail bond has to match the particular crime for which the defendant has been arrested. The bail amount will be what the judge decrees, and this amount will depend on several factors.

It will depend on the severity of the crime. We have issued bail bonds for murders and kidnapping charges, and they’re more expensive than the bail bonds for comparatively minor offenses such a DUI or domestic violence.

The bail amount will also reflect the flight risk of the defendant, and factors such as the criminal history of the defendant. The ties to the community of the defendant will also be relevant. If it’s a person’s first time to be arrested and they’ve lived a long time in the community, then they’re probably less of a flight risk than a career criminal with an extensive arrest record who has been in the area for only a short while.


Various bonds may also come with certain stipulations and restrictions that the defendant must adhere to in order to be let free on bail. They may be required to wear a GPS tracker and they must not even try to remove it. Some crimes such as domestic violence also forbid the suspect from contact with the alleged victim of the crime.

All those who are set free on bail must first promise to abide by all the rulings of the judge. They must also promise to appear on time for every scheduled court hearing and meeting. The defendant is also required to keep in touch with the cosigner of the bond and the bail agent.

Failure to comply with any of the stipulations of the bond may have the bail revoked and the suspect may be apprehended and sent back to jail.

Cash Bonds and Property Bonds

Bail bonds that require a relatively low amount of money ($1,000 or below) may only require a cash bond. Typically, the cosigner can just go to the jail office and pay the amount in full. The suspect can then be set free on bail.

But some cases require much higher amounts for bail bonds, such as half a million or even a million dollars. Such amounts may not be covered by the cosigner’s bank account, and so a property bond may have to be necessary. This means that a home or a business may then serve as collateral to cover the cost of the bail bond.

The bail agent will determine whether the property bond will be required for the case. In general, the property in question must be worth a great deal more than the amount of the bond.  That’s because it takes time and money to appraise the property and to sell the property if it is necessary (such as if the defendant on bail flees the jurisdiction of the court).

The main rule for property used as collateral is that it must be owned by the cosigner free and clear. The mortgage on the property must be fully paid. If other types of property such as a boat, a private airplane, or even an expensive car are used as collateral, the property must also be completely paid off.

Fees and Payments

In Nevada, the state-mandated premium that a bail bond service can charge is 15% of the bail amount. This amount is fixed and it cannot be negotiated. It is also non-returnable. There is no point in checking numerous bail bonds services in Nevada to see which service offers the lowers charges. They all charge the same amount.

What’s different is what a bail bonds service can do on your behalf. We pride ourselves in our professionalism, and we can guide you through the entire bail bond application process. We can then help you determine the best payment method for the bail bond.

Our office accepts several types of payments. We can take cash or payment through credit or debit cards. We also take cashier’s checks and money orders.

We know that some people may not find it easy to pay cash or through credit cards, which is why we offer flexible payment plans for those we consider eligible for the program. If you qualify, then we can help to tailor a payment plan that can still fit your limited budget.

Contacting Our Office

Since we have an extensive history in the bail bonds industry, we are open 24/7. We know for a fact that anyone can be arrested at any time, even at midnight during a national holiday. We are always open for business to make sure that the people we help do not spend more time in hail than they have to.

Call our number and you won’t be greeted by a recorded message from an answering machine. Instead, you can immediately talk to an actual bail bonds agent who can provide answers to all your questions.

For some cases, we at 24/7 Las Vegas Bail Bonds can even take the necessary information from you and then we can fax the application for you to sign. Send the signed fax back to our office along with your credit card or debit card information, and we can complete the entire process quickly. You can then meet us in jail so that your loved one can be informed of their rights and responsibilities, and then you can take them home.