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How Do Bail Bonds in Las Vegas Work?

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

Of all the questions we receive about being arrested in Las Vegas and how to secure a release from jail, one of the most common is “what is a bail bond?” It’s not surprising that this is an unfamiliar concept to many – it’s something you only experience when you or a loved one are arrested.

It’s completely normal to be stressed, panicked, or scared as you navigate the legal process and only find yourself facing more and more unknowns.

Before allowing your imagination to run wild and worrying over worst-case scenarios, however, you should know that there are people who can help and that the image reality TV paints of jail is rarely an accurate one.

Here’s what to do if you or your loved one has been arrested and you need to secure Las Vegas bail bonds.

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1. Don’t Panic

It can be tempting to give in to panic when jail is concerned. The potential loss of freedom is a scary prospect to consider. With that said, it’s very important that you keep yourself as calm as possible. The best thing you can do for yourself or your loved one is to reach out to our experienced team. We understand how frightening and overwhelming the legal system can be – that’s why we work so hard to simplify the process for our clients. We can even help you locate the information you need about your loved one. 

What is a bail bond? How do bail bonds in Las Vegas work? No matter what questions you have, we can give you the answer. Our friendly bail bondsmen are always ready to work with you to have a loved one released as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

2. Complete the Application

Don’t worry, this step isn’t a complicated one. We’ve gone out of our way to ensure that our bail process is as easy as possible and can be completed quickly. With that said, there are a few bail bonds laws in Las Vegas to be aware of as we move forward. Perhaps the most important is that, by Nevada state law, bail bonds companies may charge 15% of the entire bail amount. That means that if the bail amount is $1000, a bail bonds company can only charge $150 up front. And keep in mind that this 15% is a hard rule – you cannot be charged more or less than this by the bail bonds company with which you work. 

When it comes to paying your bail bonds, Las Vegas offers a few different options. The most common is to use a credit or debit card. This is a particularly convenient method as it makes it possible to download our bail application, fill it out on your computer, email it back to us, and pay the bail fee in just a few quick steps. You don’t even have to step foot into our office – with this option, everything is done electronically and over the phone. Once you pay via credit or debit card, we’ll post the bond for you and begin the process to have your loved one released.

Not everyone wants to pay electronically, of course, and that’s okay too. We offer a mobile bail service at no extra cost. If you opt for this, we’ll send one of our agents out to your location with the paperwork you need to complete. You can fill out the application, pay the fee in cash, and we’ll go ahead and post the bond. 

No matter how they’d like to pay, our clients are always happy with our Las Vegas bail bonds services.

What if I can’t afford bail?

If cannot afford to pay your bail using a credit or debit card or cash, we can help. All you have to do is reach out to us and explain the situation. We have flexible payment plans and also take collateral. Don’t worry – we’ve worked with all sorts of clients and have likely encountered one in your position before. We’re happy to cater to your needs as much as possible. 

Does it take a long time to be released from jail?

It can sometimes take a long time to be released from jail, but not always. The unfortunate truth is that the release process depends upon the jail conditions. If it is overcrowded, for example, the staff might fall a bit behind. This is to be expected, and you should view any promises on the part of bail companies to “speed the process up” using their “connections” with extreme caution. While it’s true that many bondsmen have great relationships with jail staff, that doesn’t give them any leverage to have your loved one released sooner. 

In general, it can take anywhere from six to twelve hours to be released from jail in Las Vegas, but the exact time will vary from day to day.

3. Post-Release Advice

Once the defendant is released from jail, they need to come to our office with 24 hours. This meeting allows us to complete any remaining paperwork and explain the bail repayment process. We’re also happy to recommend experienced criminal defense attorneys. We’ve built great relationships with several lawyers and will present a variety of suggestions if you’re in need of them. 

It’s important to find a defense attorney and meet with them while you’re out of jail. You’ll need to explain your situation and work with them to build your defense before your upcoming court case. Make sure that the attorney you select is familiar with your type of case – this experience will give them an edge in the courtroom as they already understand the ins and outs of the law and how it applies to your charge.

If you or someone you love have been arrested, don’t panic – there are people who can help make this situation as easy as possible. Contact our experienced 24/7 Las Vegas Bail Bonds team and allow us to take on some of that concern on your behalf. Call us at 702.899.2775.