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Henderson is the 2nd largest city in the state of Nevada, and the police are often kept busy keeping an eye out for its residents and tourists pouring in from Las Vegas. So just like the police department is busy at all times arresting suspected criminals, our Henderson bail bonds service is available at any time and at any day of the week, should you need our help.

If you have a loved one arrested in the Henderson area, simply contact our office and an actual bail bonds agent will take your call even if you call past midnight. Our bail agents can then set things in motion so that your loved one can get out on bail as quickly as possible. They won’t have to spend any unnecessary time in jail and instead face the legal process together with their family.

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Why is Bail Necessary?

Going free on bail is every US citizen’s constitutional right, and it keeps a suspect (who is after all presumed innocent) from unnecessarily staying in jail while their trial is held. The bail process allows arrested suspects to post money so that they can then go free even when they’re being tried in court. The defendant also has to promise that they will not flee the court’s jurisdiction and that they will appear in every scheduled court hearing.

Bail is necessary for many, especially if they’re the wage earners of the family. The suspect also needs the support of their family during this stressful time. Their freedom while out on bail also helps them to present a defense against the prosecutor’s case.

However, it is entirely possible that bail may be denied in special circumstances. Often this is because the crime is too severe to allow a suspect to go out on bail. Suspects may also be deemed a likely danger to other or to themselves. They may also not be medically or psychologically fit enough to go out on bail, and they can then be held so that they can be treated properly.

Judges take these factors into account when they decide the amount of bail to set during an arraignment hearing. In a few cases, they may decide to refuse to set bail at all.

What Exactly Is Bail?

Bail is the amount of money the defendant posts to make sure that they appear for every court hearing. It signifies their promise to not flee the area to avoid going to prison if they should be found guilty of the crime they were accused of. If they break any conditions of the bail, they may be arrested again and kept in jail while they lose their bail money altogether.

In some cases, the bail may be too expensive that the suspect cannot easily pay for the entire amount. But even in these cases, the suspect won’t have to stay in jail for the duration of their trial as they may instead make use of a bail bond service.

The bail bonds service helps in getting the bail process started and completed so that the defendant can go free while their case is being prosecuted. They write the proper bail bond with the various required stipulations included.

A bail bond is a signed written contract between the defendant, the cosigner, and the bail bonds agent. The bail bond service puts up the entire amount of the bail although they may need various assurances that the defendant and the cosigner can pay them back for the amount should the defendant ever try to flee the area.

The defendant goes free after signing the bail bond. Their signature on the bail bond means that they agree to the various stipulations included in the contract. This usually means not leaving the area, appearing at every court hearing, and in some cases not contacting and staying away from the alleged victims of their supposed crimes.

The cosigner is often the family member who promises to pay for the entire amount of the bail should the defendant fail to live up to their promises. They also have the responsibility of notifying the bail agent if they believe that the defendant is planning to flee the area.

Various Bail Bonds Types

Bail bonds come in various types. They have different bail amounts, and some bail bonds may have different or additional stipulations included.

For example, the case may involve some sort of violence such as assault or domestic abuse. The bail bond may then include a protective order prohibiting the suspect from coming within a certain distance from the victim. If the case deals with immigration, then the bail amount may be higher because there’s a higher perceived risk of flight for the defendant.

Various special considerations will affect the conditions specified in the bail bond. The risk of flight, the use of violence, and the involvement of illegal drugs and deadly weapons can lead to harsher conditions mentioned in the bail bond.

The defendant must agree to follow all these conditions in order to be freed from jail. If they do disobey any of the stipulations, they may be re-arrested and sent back to jail while they or their cosigner are required to pay back the entire amount of the bail.


If you have a loved one who has been arrested, you need to call our Henderson bail bonds service as soon as possible. We can then handle the matter over the phone or meet with you at any convenient location including the jail where the defendant is being processed and held.

We try our best to make sure that families re together during tough times like these. We also want to help arrested wage-earners to go free on bail so that they can continue to support their families.

When you call us ate 24/7 Las Vegas Bail Bonds, you will always find a real licensed agent to talk to instead of an answering machine. We practice the utmost discretion as well, so that your privacy can be maintained. We believe that your business is your private business and no one else’s.