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Many people are attracted to Enterprise, Nevada which is why its population jumped from 15,000 in 2000 to more than 108,000 in 2010. With so many residents in one area, it’s not surprising if the police make arrests on a regular basis. You should be prepared for such a possibility and if a loved one has been arrested, we recommend that you call our Las Vegas Bail Bonds Service at 702-899-2775 immediately.

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What Happens During an Arrest?

When a family member is arrested by the police, they’re taken to the nearest jail so they can be booked and processed. They will be fingerprinted and photographed, while their identity is confirmed. The police officers will then do a criminal background check to see if there are other outstanding warrants against the suspect. They will be formally charged, and then the amount of bail will be set.

In general, most minor crimes such as misdemeanors have bail amounts set by a predetermined bond schedule approved by the local judges. This means that there is already a corresponding bail amount set for each particular charge. This process takes very little time and it clears the court for more serious cases.  For many of these cases, the bail amount may be low enough that a family may be able to put up the whole bail amount so that their loved one can be freed from jail.

However, not very family has enough money to cover the entire amount of the bail. In some cases such as in felony cases, the bail amount may be determined by a judge in court arraignment proceedings and this bail amount can be exceedingly high. This will then require the services of services such as the Las Vegas Bail Bonds.

The Bail Bond Process

When charges have been filed and the bail amount has been set, you should immediately contact our office at 702-899-2775 and be ready to provide us with all the pertinent information. We can then help you fill out the bail bond application.

The fee for our services is set at 15% of the entire bail amount. This cannot be negotiated according to Nevada law. It is also non-refundable even when the case is concluded.

However, we can make sure that fee does not exceed this amount. We can take payment by cash, check, or credit card. In some cases, we may require that some type of property serve as collateral. However, we also offer qualified clients with some sort of financing plan so that the client won’t have as much difficulty in paying the fee.

Once the premium has been paid or the financing plan has been approved, our bail agent can then immediately post the bond at the jail to get your loved one released. The entire release process can take as long as 8 hours, though in some cases it may only take a couple of hours. It depends largely on how busy the jail is and how many people are working there. While our bail bonds service is always ready to work even during holidays, the jail may not have as many employees present during these times.

In some special cases, your loved one may not even spend a single minute in jail after they’ve been arrested. This can happen if you know that there’s an outstanding warrant for the arrest of your family member (or for yourself). You can then contact our office with the info we need, so that the entire application can be completed.

Once the premium has been paid, our bail agent can accompany your loved one as they surrender to the authorities. They will then be processed, and during this time our agent can post the bail bond. This can mean that once the booking and processing for the defendant has been completed, so has the bail bond process and the defendant can be set free on bail without spending a minute in jail.

Responsibilities of the Defendant

Our bail agent will explain the requirements of the bail bond, and the defendant will be required to sign the bail bond before they can be released out of jail on bail. By signing the bail bond, the defendant signifies their intention of complying with all the stated stipulations and conditions. Failure to do so may result in their being sent back to jail.

The conditions of the bail bond usually include the following:

  • The defendant must remain within the jurisdiction of the court. That means there’s no moving to another city or another state.
  • They should keep in regular contact with the courts and our bail agent, and this should be maintained once or twice a week.
  • If the defendant plans to change their employment or contact information, they must inform our bail agent and the court.
  • While free on bail, the defendant must avoid doing anything that may get them arrested again.
  • There may be other rules pertaining to specific charges. An assault charge may require the defendant from contacting or getting near the alleged victim of the assault. Drug and DUI charges may lead to random drug tests while the defendant is out on bail.
  • The defendant must make sure to attend all court hearings and meetings. If they fail, the bail bond may be revoked and they will be arrested again and sent back to jail. However, if the defendant accidentally misses a court date then they must inform the bail agent and the court as soon as possible. There’s a good chance the court date will be rescheduled, although they cannot miss another court hearing without a very good reason.

Responsibilities of the Cosigner

If you’re the cosigner for the bail bond to get a family member released from jail, it means that you agree to pay the entire amount of the bail if the defendant fails to live up to their bail obligations. If you have agreed to have your home set up as the collateral, it means that if your family member flees the area then you may end up losing your home.

This is why you have the right as the cosigner to ask for the bail agent to revoke the bail bond, if you’re unsure that your loved one will comply with all the regulations of the bail bond. You may have to see your loved one back in jail, and your 15% premium won’t be returned. But at least you won’t be required to pay the entire amount of the bail, which can exceed $10,000 for some cases.


The legal case of your loved one will be finalized once they’ve been found guilty and sentenced or the charges against them have been dismissed. The bond will be released, and if you’re the cosigner then you will no longer be financially obligated in any way. If you’ve been required to post an amount exceeding the mandatory 15% premium, the excess amount will be returned to you.

If you’re the defendant, you may be held responsible for any court fees and costs. You may also be required to pay some type of restitution if you’re found guilty. In some cases wherein the cosigner is required to post funds exceeding the premium, the court fees and costs may be taken from these funds.

Call Las Vegas Bail Bonds if you or a loved one has been arrested in Enterprise, Nevada. We offer a professional and efficient service that can get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. Contact us, 24/7 Las Vegas Bail Bonds, at 702-899-2775 anytime, any day.