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Disputes can occur between any two people, and in some cases they can occur among family members and married couples too. It can be very distressing when the dispute becomes serious enough that you find yourself arrested on a charge of domestic violence.

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We provide Las Vegas domestic violence bail bonds services so that suspects who have been arrested on charges of domestic violence will understand what they need to do next in order to get out of jail.

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What is a Domestic Violence Bail Bond?

A conventional bail bond is used to enable a suspect of a crime to be released from jail on bail. The bail bond service puts up the amount of the bail, while the cosigner pays the 15% of the bail amount as the state-mandated fee for the service.

The regular bail bond generally requires the defendant to obey various stipulations, such as contacting the bail agent regularly, attending all court hearings, staying within the jurisdiction of the court, and avoiding being arrested for another crime while the bail bond is in effect.

The domestic violence bail bond also has the same major stipulations as a conventional bail bond. However, the domestic bail bond may have additional stipulations. These can include prohibiting the defendant from contacting the victim in any way. The defendant may also be required to stay away from the victim, the victim’s workplace, or the victim’s home for a certain distance such as 300 feet.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

If the defendant fails to comply with any of the stipulations of the bail bond, the bail bond may be revoked. This means that the defendant can then be arrested again, and this time they may be sent to jail without the possibility of bail.

The cosigner will then have to pay for the entire amount of the bail as a result. That’s what the cosigner agreed to when they signed the bail bond, which is a legal contract that all signatories have to abide by.

The Need for a Domestic Violence Bail Bond

There was a time when arrests for domestic violence were very rare. In those days, the only way that a police officer can arrest a person for domestic violence is if the person attacked their domestic partner right in front of the police officer. Since domestic violence typically occurred inside the home of the partners, police officers couldn’t arrest a suspect of domestic violence without a warrant.

This situation changed in 1984, when the US Attorney General recommended that standard police procedures for domestic violence cases included mandatory arrest for the suspect. This recommendation was the result of a study in Minneapolis, when it was found that these arrests significantly reduced the number of domestic violence cases. Many offenders arrested for domestic violence became hesitant to continue their violent ways, when they realized that the inevitable result was a night in jail.

However, if you or a family member has been arrested for domestic violence, you can call our office. We provide Las Vegas domestic bail bonds so that defendants can get out of jail while their case is being reviewed.

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