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Winchester, Nevada Bail Bonds

Winchester Bail Bonds

Winchester lies at the southern border of Las Vegas, and it is possible that while you’re here you may find yourself (or a member of your family) arrested for some sort of crime. The arrest process itself can be confusing and traumatic for suspects and their families, and that’s not the end of it. There’s also the prospect of staying in jail while your case goes through the trial process. However, that can be avoided with our Las Vegas bail bonds service in Winchester.

How to Choose a Bail Bonds Service in Winchester

While it is true that we aren’t the only bail bonds service in Winchester, there are certainly very good reasons for you to choose us.

This starts off with our constant availability. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2AM and it’s a national holiday. When you call our number, you won’t get a recording telling you to leave a message. Instead, a real live agent will receive your call and take your information so that they can immediately work on getting your loved one out of jail and back to your arms.

These agents are true professionals, with proper licenses and bonding backed with years of experience. They have the knowledge and the license to post the right kind of bail bond you need for Winchester and throughout the whole state of Nevada. This knowledge is combined with complete professionalism, courtesy, and discretion to make sure that the entire experience doesn’t become overly stressful for everyone.

The fee is wholly transparent, as it is the state-mandated 15% of the bail amount fee that’s non-negotiable and non-refundable. There won’t be any hidden charges, and services such as making house calls are part of the overall service provided by our company.

Payments can also be very flexible, as cash, credit cards, and money orders are acceptable. In cases that involve huge amounts of bail, personal property can be acceptable as collateral.

The Bail Bonds Process

The bail bonds process involves several steps, and during each step we can help provide valuable advice and assistance. After a suspect has been arrested, the police will then start the booking process. The suspect will then be fingerprinted and photographed, and then charges will be filed against them.

The charges filed against the suspect will determine the amount of the bail required. In general, there’s no need to appear in court for an arraignment hearing, as most charges are covered by a predetermined bail bond schedule. Each specific charge has been set with a specific bail amount.

When you call our bail bonds service, it can accelerate the process of getting the suspect out of jail if you know where the suspect has been taken, what charges has been filed against them, and what bail amount has been sent. However, if you do not know the answer to these questions, you can tell us the name of the suspect and we can find out the rest of the necessary information ourselves.

With the information acquired, the bond agent can then fill out the bond application and write the bail bond that suits the kind of charges involved. This should take no more than half an hour when the necessary information has been obtained.

Then the bond must be secured by paying the mandatory 15% of the bail amount. If the entire fee can be paid with cash, check or credit cards and property can act as collateral. After this step, the bail agent can get to the jail and post the bond. The defendant can then be released once they and the cosigner are informed of their responsibilities.

Responsibilities of Defendants and Cosigners

If you have a family member arrested whom you want released from jail, you can act as cosigner to the bail band. You need to make sure that the defendant agrees to comply with all the conditions included on the bail bond contract.

Typically, the conditions include the requirement that the defendant must appear in court for all scheduled hearings and meetings. They must keep in regular contact with the bail agent, and any change in their address must be communicated to the court and to the bail agent. They shouldn’t be arrested again on new charges while they’re out on bail. There may also be other court orders, such as a rule that forbids them from contacting the alleged victim of their crime.

By signing the bail bond as the cosigner, you also agree to pay for the entire amount of the bail should the bail be revoked because the defendant failed to comply with the bail bond stipulations. In general, if the defendant fails to appear at a hearing there is a set time during which a defendant can be caught and brought back to jail. If the set time passes, and the defendant is still missing, as the cosigner you will be required to pay the whole bail amount immediately.

This is why as the cosigner you are also tasked to make sure that the defendant is present at all hearings and is complaint to all the court orders. You may ask the bail agent to revoke the bail bond if you have doubts about the defendant, because if you don’t then you can be forced to pay a huge amount of money.

Still, accidents happen and sometimes a defendant may be absent from a court hearing for legitimate reasons. If this happens it’s best to be honest with the court to show sincerity about following the court regulations. The hearing may be rescheduled, although the defendant must make sure to attend the next time.


At our agency, the bail agents can provide efficient and professional service so that you can make sure your loved one stays out of jail while their case progress through the trial. We prioritize the needs of our clients, so that they can get through this stressful period without unnecessary tension and hassles. We at Las Vegas Bail Bonds try to make sure that bail is posted as quickly as possible, and that your loved one remains out of jail. Call us at 702-899-2775 any time you need help!